Who We Are

Cloud Sports Network is dedicated to bringing the purest form of sports right to your phone, tablet or computer. Our unique streaming platform is membership-free with no monthly fee. You don’t even have to download anything!

Our Mission

Cloud Sports Network is dedicated to the mission of bringing the professional broadcast experience to your amateur sporting event.

What We Do

With multiple camera angles, on-screen graphics, microphones on the field and professional play-by-play commentary, our viewing experience is way more exciting than anything you’ve seen from a smartphone going live at the fields.

About Cloud Sports Network

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“If You Build It, They Will Come,”  – W.P. Kinsella

If we had a guiding principle, this would be it. We believe amateur sports offer some of the most competitive, exciting, pure and passionate athletes in the world. We also believe there is a viewing audience for this kind of competition and all that’s been missing is a platform that can tap into it. We’ve built it. Now we just need you!

Cloud Sports Network is a broadcast company dedicated to bringing the professional broadcast experience to amateur sporting events for a live-streaming audience.

Our team features decades of experience with media, technology and most importantly amateur sports. Cloud Sports Network has partnered up with some of amateur athletics’ biggest organizations. CSNet will be there to support our community.


  • Multiple Sports
  • First of it’s kind
  • Professional Broadcasters
  • Studio-Quality Presentation

Connecting You To Your Audience Like Never Before


Capture every angle with ease with multiple cameras.


Expereinced socia media experts to help develop cross platform presence. Can actively stream simultaneously on Facebook, YouTube, and every other platform we’ve found.

Anywhere. Anytime.

Cloud Sports Network is a broadcasting network that can travel with you.


On-screen logo placement during broadcasts; brand recognition from commentators; in-game branding video commercials.


CSNet has professional commentators for live play-by-play.


Established and already partnered up with some of amateur athletic’s biggest organizations, CSNet will be here to support our community.

How do I watch your content?

Visit our YouTube channel

If the event doesn’t have a Facebook page, then you can also stream it on our Facebook Page

And of course, there’s always our website: CloudSportsNetwork.com

How much do I pay TO VIEW?

Our content is FREE to stream live.

We hope you enjoy it!

Can you broadcast our event?

If you would like Cloud Sports Network to come to your event, then please have your event’s organizers reach out to us at Roman@cloudsportsnetwork.com and we’ll work hard to make it happen!